As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the
beauty that exists in the continent of Africa.

Qhama Maswana is a visual artist, a painter who focuses on portrait painting and is also a commission specialist, who focuses on commissioned work provided by public entities, cooperates, bankers and private collectors.

I try with every finished work to breathe life into a long forgotten heritage; Africa inspires most
of my art, the beautiful people, their full lip and thick hair, their amazing skin tone. I am
inspired by the strength of the people and I see royalty in all of them,
my artwork speaks, not
only for me but for people who were long silenced.

The way I capture a painting is by determining what art medium and material are best
for each project, sometimes whenever I need to capture color and form by blending I would use oil paints, if I need to finish a
project quickly I would use fast drying acrylic paints. Sometimes Multi media are needed to complete a project.

My art work has that cultural feel, inspired by my background. I grew up in a natural setting, in what would today be known as a rural area (country side), with a beautiful burst of a variety of life and landscapes,
Driven by my photography passion i also capture interesting scenes that i happen to comes across, while plotting them onto the canvas I then use my creativity and imagination to combine and bring to life the message I intend to share with the public.
once I have conceived a vision I must see to it that it comes to live.