I decided on the spot that I was going  to be an extra ordinary artist. What motivated me are challenges related to my field of choice which made me more curious in learning more about art.

My work depicts the spiritality of us and portrays us in a divine light, I t is an exploration that is inspired by my observation from my surrounds, African people, culture religion and arts being constantly modernized and our minds unable to break out, such that we even forget about our own capabilities and who we really are.

My work is slightly different from other artists, the body of my work is like a catalog of the events and thoughts of my life. For me, making work is almost like keeping a journal, and there is also that universal desire to connect with other people in some way, to tell them about myself or my experiences. What I really look for in a project is something that resonates with life as I see it and speaks to our experiences as humans.

I was born this way, born to make art and I think I’m just one of the people who had the courage to stay with my born identity.

If something touched my soul enough for me to paint it, the chances are there is someone out therewho may feel the same. I think as an artist it’s my job to inspire people.